Handmade ceramic tableware, ceramic plates, ceramic nbowls


Inspired and driven by our love for dining and entertaining, we have always been on the lookout for that special something to bring to our dining table. When we realized we couldn't find what we were looking for and that we did not want to settle for anything less than authentic, we decided to make our very own. This is how Ammodo ceramics came about. A collection of refined dinnerware and serveware which reflects the true the essence of understated sophistication and raw simplicity. Each unique piece is designed by Raffaella and Federica and handcrafted using only the most sustainable materials. With our range of colors and combinations you are sure to find what you have been looking for and create the dining space of your dreams.


ammòdoMAT: A TRUE SETTING WILD CARD! You can use it as a charger plate, as a placemat, or centerpiece.. just name it! Choose the look you want for your table just swipe your reusable sheet into your clear shell and enjoy a new table setting every day with no effort! ammòdoMAT is a project conceived, designed, and create entirely by us. IT IS EASY TO CLEAN: Gently wipe with a soft cloth avoid immersing it in water You may use a glass cleaner spray.

Ammodomats, ammodomat
100% Italian Table Linen Fabrics, Tablecloths


We created all our designs and collections with the scope to be as versatile as possible to work well at home in a casual setting and as part of a more formal tablescape. Plus we wanted every piece to be as unique as only a painting can be: that's why our tablecloths are hand-painted and hand-made. This process takes many hours, precision, and patience. The fine detail and creativity of hand-painted fabrics provide an amazing effect to our tablecloths. If you need a nice full-color tablecloth as a plain canvas to emphasize your dinner set, we get you covered with our 100% Italian linen so wide, that we can make it custom for you in any size! This particular fabric gives you the chance to decide to iron it for a more formal feeling or to leave it naturally crushed for a more cozy effect.