ALL AROUND THE WORLDhow to choose a gift for your host

how to choose a gift for your host

Not sure what to bring when you are a guest?

Don’t know how to decode your host’s “no need to bring anything, just yourself”?

No worries, here you will find some advice and ideas to be the perfect guest!

Whether the occasion is, it’s kind to bring a gift for the host or hostess to show that you appreciate the invitation.

The problem is that many times you feel uncomfortable having to decide what to give.

Remember that the size or price of the gift is insignificant. What you need to focus on instead is what that person will like.

Determine Your Relationship With the Host
Close friends and family

Your friends and family know you well enough to give you clear instructions without feeling awkward or bad. If they say “bring nothing” and if you decide to come empty-handed (which is fine!), show up and be helpful.

Offer to help pour drinks or to clean up the plates while your host is finalizing the next course.

Even though you’re not bringing anything, you’re contributing by helping them enjoy the party they’re hosting.

New friend, colleague, or acquaintance

To make a good impression you don’t need to bring much, but make sure to choose something neutral, as you don’t know your host’s style and what he/she likes.

Try giving them a low-maintenance plant or some treats from your favorite bakery to enjoy after the party. It’s the thought that counts.

food and drinks

When you bring a food or drink gift, don’t expect it to be served while you are there; most of the time you won’t know the menu and it’s very difficult to match flavors.

The best you can do is to give it to her at the door so she can put it away before greeting other guests.

A nice bottle of olive oil, a good bottle of wine, a box of fine chocolate: these are all presents your host will appreciate and they will give her the chance to decide if to share or save them for later.

The host may choose to share your food or beverage gift during the party 

Allow the hostess to tell everyone where the gift came from rather than announce it to the group.

If it is a costly item, never brag about how much you spent.



Flowers are a common and acceptable gift for dinner hosts. Flowers are particularly useful if you are uncomfortable bringing wine or food.

The best way is to send the in advance: in this way, your host will have the time to arrange them and decide where to display them.

If you want to show up with flowers, make sure to bring them in a vase as you don’t want your host to have to stop to find a vase for your bouquet.

A nice idea is to offer a potted plant as a lasting gift.

Wherever you decide to send them or bring them personally, make sure to keep the size of your bouquet gracious and opt for flowers with a delicate scent.

Something for the house

If you’ve already been to your host’s place, make sure to choose something that matches the color scheme. You may also consider purchasing something in a neutral shade or style that will go with any decor.

If it’s possible, go for some unique, that will show your hosts you spent time choosing it.

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Now You Know

Just to summarize what you should do when a host says, “there’s no need to bring anything, just yourself,” follow these steps

1. Assess your relationship with the host.

2. Don’t bring annoying stuff that will make the host more flustered.
3. Give useful, thoughtful gifts to be consumed after the party.
4. Choose something unique for the house.