Nisreen | Fashion Designer in Dubai


A conversation with Nisreen


Tell us something about you, where are you from, how long are you lived in UAE… 

I’m a designer and a mother of 2 boys. I’m Palestinian, born and raised in Syria, have been living in Dubai for the past 20 years

How Canava Design was born?

Canava was a thought for many years, Growing up, I always loved art & design and even used to draw and create my own clothes by manipulating garments I already owned to suit my taste. Driven by my passion for art and graphics in multiple domains including clothing and fashion, I pursued my studies at ESMOD, The French Fashion Institute in Dubai. And started Canava around that time in 2015.

You are a Fashion Designer, how Dubai influenced your creativity and your job?

I love to highlight how things from different natures work together, Man vs. Woman, Middle Eastern motifs meeting Western style approaches, authentic meeting modern. In a nutshell, my designs are a fusion and a reflection of the blend of different and vibrant cultures that make Dubai so unique and distinctive.

Tell us more about your city plans project: how did this idea come about?

Maps always fascinated me, both emotionally and visually. The city maps pieces were part of my latest capsule collection ‘Layers’ were I thought of combining more than one city in one piece, which is again a reflection of our current status of life, home away from home.

Ramadan is almost finished, can you tell us what does it mean to you?

Ramadan is a very special time for me, both in life and work. It holds some of the best childhood memories of family gatherings and giving spirit. Nowadays, it’s a lot about introducing the traditions of this special month to my non Arab friends. In canava, there are few pieces dedicated to ramadan every year, if not a full collection. Modest vs. glamour is very inspiring.

Why fasting?

To feel with the less fortunate, and to cleanse, body and soul.

Iftar and Suhoor: can you tell us the difference between these two meals?

Iftar is about going big, specially after fasting for more than 12 hours.

Suhoor, has to be a light nutritious meal that can fuel you up for fasting the next day without disturbing your sleep.

Give us some advice for the perfect Iftar: what is a must?

Start with a date, or 3, followed by some soup (Lentil is my favorite). Cheese sambousek is usually a must, salad or fatoush, Maybe some Ramadan drinks (tamarind is my favorite) or any Lind of juice. As for the main course, I love anything that contains rice with nuts as garnish.

Food manners and etiquette are very important for Muslims, especially during Ramadan: Do and Dont’s:

Dress modestly, and don’t eat in public as a sign of respect to those who are fasting.

Be patient, control your temper even if you’re hungry, you’re doing it for yourself and God no one else has to pay for that.

What do Good Manners mean to you?

Respect for others beliefs and feelings, even if it doesn’t go with mine.

Would you like to share with us some trick and tips about receiving your guests and how to make them feel welcome and comfortable?Add some special ambience, set the table beautifully. Have some lanterns or candles and let your guests take their time enjoying the food.

What is your forte while hosting an Iftar?

Dessert, I like to over do it with desserts!

Thanks Nirsreen!

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