AMMODO MIOOlivia Corsi, creative and inspiring entrepreneur

Olivia Corsi, creative and inspiring entrepreneur

When we meet people who inspire us and teach us something, we like to introduce them to you and tell you something about their experience.

This is how the section of the magazine called “AMMODO MIO” was born.

We have decided now to dedicate a special space to people who, like us, coming from a different background, at a certain point took courage and created their brand with passion. #supportsmallbusiness.

Let’s start with Olivia Corsi and her Caramel and Sun.

Who doesn’t know Olivia in Dubai??? Who doesn’t know that adorable little shop in Mercato Mall??? Who hasn’t met her in some pop up here and there?

We can say that she is a “veteran” in the small business category in Dubai…a kind of a Top Expert.

We asked Olivia a few questions to understand the story behind it…joys and pains…

A few sharp questions and answers, interesting for all but very useful for those who have a certain dream in their drawer……. and for those who have just opened that drawer.

Tell us briefly about your brand and what did you do before.

My retail store is called Caramel and Sun, its your neighboorhood store where
you can find anything from clothes to gifts and Jewellery at a very affordable price.

I started very much focused on the kids and when my daughters grew, I shifted a bit to ladies !

We started in 2015, we opened in August but prior to that there were a good 12 months of studies and work.

Before Caramel and Sun I used to work in marketing for FMCG then luxury groups in Paris, London then in Dubai.

What is unique about your company?

Me lol ! We were the first of a kind to start such concept store. Being independent and not part of a chain was very unique in Dubai. We source from everywhere products and try not to sell anything already existing on the market.

What do you like about being an entrepreneur?

Good question ! depends on the days really, sometimes I wanna shut down everything because of the insomnia it can cause, and sometimes I feel I am the luckiest lady to have this luxury of doing what I love.

What do you think are the main difficulties of a small business like yours?

To work alone. With experience and years, I learned how to surround myself with good people but really at the end, you are alone.

What do you think are the key points for a small business in your sector?

Cash flow ! protect your cash. This is my biggest mistake. Don’t spend before making the money. And also try to pay yourself as soon as possible…

What sales channels do you think work the most? 

These days honestly online and pop ups are the best.

If you can tell us, are there any evolutions, news or changes in the pipeline?

Growing my distribution business and reach out more GCC countries.

What makes you proud of what you have created?

My team, they never left me… 7 years !

Something to add???

Thank you for the opportunity of voicing my experience !