our story

our story


THE “ammòdo“

ammòdo proposes a concept rather than a product or a service only.
The quality, refinement, simplicity and durability of the products are combined with the passion to receive and make guests feel welcome.

They are made with sustainable materials and by the hands of artisans.
The services and the magazine are designed and built with the intention of supporting our customers to make the experience of receiving unique.

ammòdo strives to create singular pieces of art where Italian history, culture and taste come together with the international touch of the founding members who infuse their products and services with an original mark that takes us back to the region.

Federica - Ammodo Concept Cofounder



Federica is a proud Tuscan woman who, after having roamed for years all around Italy, decided to move to Dubai many years ago. She has always worked as a project manager, managing technological and digital projects and embarking on new ventures in different companies. She loves inviting friends at home and spending time with them chatting over good food and wine in a casual and natural manner. Her passion for technology, for its origins but also for the authenticity and sustainability of the materials, have led her to embark on this new adventure.



Raffaella is an event designer with more than 15 years of experience in planning and executing meetings and events both as a company manager and entrepreneur. She is an expert in selecting and transforming venues to accommodate her clients’ needs and loves executing any type of events, from large scale international meetings to intimate fundraising events to a simple cosy dinner at her house in Dubai, a city she loves and now calls home.

Raffaella - Ammodo Concept Cofounder
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