ammodoMAT is our reusable placemat.

It comes with a clear shell that you can fill with one of our many decorative sheets.

Have fun collecting them and get the chance to change the look of your tabletops with no effort!

How it works

1. Choose the pattern you like

2. Swipe your reusable sheet into your clear shell

3. Place it on your table and enjoy a new table setting every day with no effort!

How to use it

As a placemat, to empathize with your table

As a charger plate to add some color to your tablecloth

As a tray to add a splash of color to your house

The possible uses are many …. even just to add a little color to a boring corner of your home.

Our decorative sheets come in many different colors and patterns to match your mood and needs:

it can change from casual to colorful, romantic, or elegant in seconds!

Our sheets are very easy to use and store in their practical and sustainable cover.

Use them as many times as your want! our decorative sheets are 100% recyclable as we decided to avoid
plastic coated paper.

Our ammodoMAT SHELL is very easy to clean and maintain: you just need a soft cloth and some window cleaner to keep it bright!.

Our ammodoMAT comes with a nice cover to store it after every use.