Italian Aperitivo

Italian Aperitivo

What is it and how to enjoy one at home.

Italian aperitivo:

Aperitivo time is a friendly moment spent in good company to chill over a drink and a snack after work or during the weekend.
This guide we will show you how to put together an Italian aperitivo at home.

From prep and planning, through some of our favorite recipes,  we will cover every aspect of what we call “ the quintessential of the Italian lifestyle”.
With a little creativity—and our help—you will be able to experience la dolce vita just about anywhere!

This booklet includes:

  • The origin of Aperitivo
  • Tips to get organized
  • Table setting (from boring to scoring)
  • Il tagliere ( how to decorate with chopping boards and how to display cold cuts and cheese)
  • Cavalli di battaglia ( Raffaella & Federica’s Forte when hosting an aperitivo)
  • Cheers! (Famous cocktails and Mocktails perfect to be served during aperitivo)
  • Knife guide
  • Ammodo’s quiz