Be Goodsummer table setting ideas

summer table setting ideas

At Ammòdo we have endless summer table setting ideas for 2022. 

Below are some of our favorite ways to combine our different colors and prints using placemats, napkins, tablecloths and runners. For this summer we love bold pattern and color combined with monochromatic and neutral options.

Take a look and see if you can find a tablescape that would suit your style.

Whether you’re hosting a laid-back summer dinner alfresco, or a  holiday dinner party, entertaining at home is a deeply personal affair.

A beautiful setting not only sparks oohs and aahs, but it inspires lively conversation and sets the tone for the gathering.

Linens have it all:

For many tablecloths seem like something only grandmas worried about, until they see them displayed  on someone’s table. Finally they realize tablecloths can be game changers when it comes to a tablescapes.

Laying out a tablecloth just makes a meal feel infinitely fancier, and you can get super creative with colors and patterns.

Don’t want to spend a tone to buy a new one for every dinner party?

Try spreading out a cute one you already have, on top of another one.

Or use Table Runners to spice up your wooden table! 

You will be surprised by how amazing your boring pastel tablecloths will look like.

Nothing says summer quite like fresh fruit and veggies, so why not decorate for your next sunny soiree with just that?

Slice up some juicy grapefruits, lemons, oranges, and whatever else looks cute at the grocery store and use them to make centerpieces, decorate runners, and even garnish your dishes and drinkware.

Neutrals never go out of style

They are perfect to set a calming mood.

so if you are running out of time and you don’t have any idea, go for neutral colors!

Plust, they can be paired with so many other colors (especially other neutrals) so you can mix and match for endless options.

Mixing textures

This is an easy way to add visual interest when you’re decorating a table.

Try putting together dishes that didn’t come in the same set, or that you never would have thought of displaying side by side.

Is the finished product overwhelming to the eye? Switch it up.

Is it boring? Add another piece with a different texture. Sometimes you don’t know what will look chic until you try.

Make it pop with vibrant colors

Sure, neutrals may be in but sometimes you just need to bring in a little color!

Don’t shy away from the bold: stock up on dishware, decor, art, and florals in shades of yellow, orange, pink, green, purple, and red. Neutrals may instill a sense of calm, but a pop of color can bring a sense of joy to the party.