ALL AROUND THE WORLDTable setting ideas for Ramadan

Table setting ideas for Ramadan

With Ramadan just around the corner, it’s about time to share some tips and ideas to guide you as you decorate your home and your table with some exciting embellishments.

The Holy month is the perfect time to host Iftars and suhoor from sunset to sunrise and to show your entertaining skills!

Short of decoration ideas? Not a problem!

Here we bring amazing Ramadan decoration ideas to get your table ready this festive season.

Go For Gold

For a lavish iftar, glam up for home with gold contrasted with bright colors such as pink and yellow.

This will create a show stopping table setting that your guests will admire

 Arabic twist

There’s no better time to bring beautiful Arabic-inspired items to our table than during the holy month of Ramadan.

Choosing table linens with a geometric pattern and a golden or silver blink will elevate your tabletop to the next level.

One of our favorite Ramadan table setting for this year is the combo of our FESTIVE IN SILVER TABLECLOTH that add a contemporary look to your table with the black and gold design of our LUSH COLLECTION that creates a central focal point of this RAMADAN TABLETOP.


Flowers are the symbol of love, grace, and prosperity. So, flattering your ‘Iftar’ table with a stunning floral arrangement is a perfect choice.

This will make the ‘Iftar’ table flourish and uplift the mood of family and friends and to enjoy every bite of their meal.

You can experiment more by arranging table cloths, table runners, and table mats in the contrasting colors of your embellishments.

Fruity theme

Is well known that POMEGRANATES are a symbol of beauty, life, and fertility.

With its iconic color shades, it’s super versatile and very easy to combine with any kind of tabletop.

Pomegranate is the easiest way to add Middle Eastern flavor to any setting.

Staying on the fruity theme, our go-to centerpiece for this year is LEMON!

Super classic in the Mediterranean Culture, it’s a nice touch to combine our Italian heritage with the tradition of the country that hosts us.

Buy several so you can cluster them together on a tray as a centerpiece, or as in this picture, mix them with some Arabic decors such as lanterns for a more casual look.

light it up!

Use lanterns and candles to pump the appeal of the table and accentuate the festive atmosphere.

Lighting is a must for the month of Ramadan and whether you use delicate tea candles to create your table centerpiece or lanterns, we promise you’ll feel a difference.

Not only does candlelight help to exude a degree of warmth to a room, but soft lighting tends to create an unexplainable feeling of magic in the air, which is exactly what a special celebration like Ramadan calls for.

add a traditional accent

Cute accessories can transform your everyday table into a holiday celebration.

The new moon marks the start of Eid and the beginning of Shawwal, the tenth month in the lunar-based Islamic calendar.