ALL AROUND THE WORLDwe went to Expo2020 and we liked it!

we went to Expo2020 and we liked it!

Dubai Expo2020 is definitely the hottest event in the UAE right now.

Here we share a list of what we liked most of what we experienced.

Dubai Expo will be welcoming visitors from all around the world until March 2022.

The exhibition is huge- 200 pavilions, with 191 participating countries: despite being living in Dubai and  been to Expo 2020 several times so far,  we haven’t managed to see it all yet.

This makes it really hard to decide on which pavilions to include in our list and which ones skip.

Therefore, we have decided to talk about what we liked most, from pavilions architecture, to food, through what we loved experienced.


UAE being the host of the Dubai Expo 2020 certainly made sure their pavilion will stand out from the crowd.

And, of course, it is one of the must-see ones that you should add to your list.

Our favorite part was a beautiful animation representing UAE culture: a short film is shown in an interactive cinema room.

The pavilion has been designed as falcon wings and  can be opened and closed within 3 minutes!

UAE exhibition brings you through the journey from its past to the future.

The landscaped areas surrounding the pavilion consist of 5,600 plants  culturally significant to the nation. Landscaping is also integrated within the pavilion, in line with the core theme of sustainability.

WHAT WE LIKED: seating under the trees waiting for our turn to visit the pavilion and enjoy the sense of natural calm and heritage proud.


study and play at Germany pavilion

You will find it in the Sustainability District, this pavilion is focusing on German innovations and solutions in the sustainability world.

Germany pavilion is  one of the most interactive ones.

We spent such beautiful time learning about the latest innovations, play educational games and trying to convince Federica to get out of 100 000 yellow balls pool!

What we liked most was the final  graduation  on swings

QUICK TIP: Come as early as 9:30 AM to be the first in the queue. The later in the day you come, the longer the waiting times. Germany is one of the most visited pavilions at Expo 2020 and Smart Queue reservations are not available for this pavilion.

Having lunch like a Japanese @ Sushiro

Many of our friends were raving about Sushiro, which is the restaurant in the Japanese pavilion at EXPO, so we went out to try it!

This branch is the first Middle Eastern outpost of the popular Japanese sushiya. 

Sushiro is a kaiten sushi:

Most dishes can be picked up straight from the conveyor belt or ordered using a touch panel.

If you see something tempting, you just grab the plate and eat it.

At Sushiro, you can also order directly from the menu, from a pad.

The plates have different colors, that corresponds to a price. 

Eating at Sushiro felt like being in Japan and the food was really good. The quality of the fish was better than at many  sushi restaurants in Dubai.


We learned that the Netherlands Pavilion is a biotope and as we didi, if you will visit this pavilion you will learned that a Biotope basically mean a “place of life”:  a closed loop system meaning it creates its own energy, water and food.

As you enter you will feel the temperature dropping.

You’ll be given large white umbrellas and you will immediately think they will make rain but here comes the surprise!!Tthe umbrellas are screens you need to enjoy a multimedia presentation, with lights and colours projected onto the white brollie.

This show explains the technical innovations required to create the project. You can focus on this or just enjoy the show.

It is accompanied by the rich scent of Dutch soil which is very earthy and really adds to the experience.

The show finishes with a column of “rain” falling from the tip of the cone. You won’t get wet – the umbrellas are for the lights rather than the water.

watch a movie @ Spain pavilion

The Theater at the Spain Pavilion hosts an astonishing film closely aligned with the Expo theme, “Connecting minds, building the future”, as well as with the motto of the Spain Pavilion, “Intelligence for life”. 

The title of the eight-minute film is “August Moon” (“Luna de Agosto”), and it is directed by one of the creative talents of the current Spanish cinema, Nacho Vigalondo.

“August Moon” is the story of an unexpected cosmic phenomenon that affects an entire country: the sun rises in the middle of the night, an unimagined challenge, bordering the science fiction, that can only be solved when we are all able to agree and work united in an intelligent way.



We are proudly Italians and we will be taking sides talking about our pavilion, so we will share just few info about it. 

The only experience about which we will give our personal opinion is about the coffee shop near the main entrance:

as you can see from Federica’s happy face, finally we found a place where coffee is served properly: a nice cut, with saucer, sugar, spoon and a small glass of water! 

Despite all the the architectural beauties explained inside the pavilion we can say that having coffee at the Italian pavilion was worth the trip to Expo 2020!!

Jokes apart, here some facts about what you will find inside:

It is inspired by maritime explorers and designed around the theme ‘Beauty Connects People’.

The Italian Pavilion focuses on the shared Mediterranean cultural heritage of the explorers of yesteryear.

But it also looks to the future – specifically the circular economy, which discourages waste and promotes regeneration. Lit up with the colours of the Italian flag, the Italian Pavilion proudly uses recycled objects to create something beautiful.

It also employs new construction materials made from organic and biological matter like coffee grounds and orange peels.

In addition, microalgae will transform the carbon dioxide breathed out by visitors into oxygen, thanks to technology developed by TOLO Green, a renewable energy company.

And here we come to the end of our day at EXPO2020!

We are looking forward to go back to discover some other pearls about all the beautiful countries of the world!