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Elevating Everyday Living

At the heart of ammòdo lies a passion for transforming everyday moments into experiences of fine living. Born from the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship and inspired by the futuristic allure of Dubai, ammòdo represents a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Our mission is to curate artisanal pieces that elevate the essence of home, making every moment a celebration of beauty and togetherness.

The Founders’ Journey

A Fusion of Passions

Federica and Raffaella, originally from Italy and now residents in Dubai, embarked on a heartfelt journey drawn from their diverse experiences. Fueled by a deep passion, they find inspiration in the enduring beauty and design of Italy. Exploring different cultures, they seek out antique craftsmanship techniques to infuse life into their imaginative concepts and give life to new ideas.

Each collection is unique, personally designed by them, and crafted by artisans they have carefully selected. They control the entire production, from design to prototyping, to the final product, and each line is limited.
They revive old traditions from various countries (UAE, India, Bali....), mix them with Italian artisanal flair, and make them into one-of-a-kind contemporary design pieces.
The result is a captivating collection of contemporary design pieces, each uniquely crafted and inspired by a rich tapestry of influences from around the world.

Our Philosophy

Crafting Moments of Joy

ammòdo is a lifestyle that champions the beauty of the artisanal, the joy of gathering, and the serenity of sustainable living. Each piece in our collection tells a story — of creativity, of heritage, of a future envisioned and realized through the meticulous care of skilled artisans. We are dedicated to creating spaces that inspire togetherness, beauty, and well-being.

Invitation to Join Our Story

A World of Elegance Awaits

We invite you into the world of ammòdo, where every item is a testament to the art of fine living. Join us on this journey of discovery, where the lines between the traditional and the contemporary blur, creating spaces that are at once timeless and innovative, sophisticated and welcoming. Welcome to ammòdo, where every piece tells a story, and every moment is an opportunity to live beautifully.